What is OFFLOAD?

OFFLOAD is the UK’s first network media and systems arts event on nature, sustainability and ecology. The event brings together international, national and local artists and practitioners interested in creating work that use new and existing media. OFFLOAD is interested in interactive, playful, participatory and socially aware practice.


Events and activities will include - site and public art works, online exhibition, music, interactive media and design, sound installations, live performances, seminars, talks and educational and practical workshops.


OFFLOAD will happen outside in public spaces. The main hub of activities will be the green and urban spaces in and around CREATE, Bristol’s environment centre with special events happening at Brunel Way Picnic Park (across from CREATE), Avon Cut, River Walk and indoors at the Watershed Media Centre and Spike Island, art studios and exhibition space.

Take part in solar powered robot workshops, panel discussions and lunchtime talks on ecological and media issues. Get involved in creating work through your mobile phone or laptop and see how your input effects the work. Take a walk along the Avon River Cut and listen out for reactive sound based installations. Visit CREATE and Spike Island and see how artists are visualising and engaging with ecological and social issues. Get active and learn new ways to survive through making shelters and feeding on the fruits of the streets.