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Philip O’Dwyer


Philip O’ Dwyer is a member of Polar Produce and an independent graphic and interaction designer based in London. For OFFLOAD, Philip will be designing and co-developing all web and print work associated with the project.

In 2005, Philip joined Polar Produce and set up his own studio practice, prior to that he was the founding member of the design company ‘State’. Working across the fields of graphic and interactive design, recent projects for Polar Produce have included, ‘Come Outside’ (2007), ‘My Place’, flash animation (2006) and an interactive installation as part of ‘Measc’ (2005). Recent independent work has included the website for the Samsung Brand Centre in New York, educational projects for Futurelab and a major identity/online project for the city of Shizuoka in Japan. Over 2005-06 Philip, also created an installation for the V&A Museum ‘Friday Late’ series, inspired by the Japanese Gallery collections, and contributed to the relaunch of the ‘Soundtoys’ website with an interactive typographic soundtoy.