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We are interested in extending the possibilities for participation in OFFLOAD. Alongside invited OFFLOAD practitioners, we will be hosting an online exhibition, which will be ‘live’ from April 2007.

The online exhibition provides the opportunity for work to be shown which is virtual, or which can not be represented physically during the key OFFLOAD dates (13th-16th Sept). Submissions are welcomed in all media, which address the core OFFLOAD themes:

Health, wealth and play

Trade, networks and nomads

Information on both themes can be found on this site under the ‘OFFLOAD Theme’ section.

Priority will be given to work, which requires, showcases or documents existing work that involves active audience participation, combines ‘virtual’ and ‘real’ world elements and is interactive, emergent, durational and/or event based.

All submissions will be viewed by members of the OFFLOAD team as well as the general public. In documenting or presenting your work online, please considerate low bandwidth users and provide clear instructions (in English, this is easiest) for how to download or access your material.


For viewers:

OFFLOAD is a mediated online exhibition. Which means that before work is published online the OFFLOAD team will review and decide whether the work is appropriate to include. Like many things, systems like this can be susceptible to abuse. Please keep this in mind when viewing the links associated to the works presented. OFFLOAD will not be held responsible for the content of external Internet sites. The OFFLOAD team retain the right to reject and remove inappropriate submissions.

For participants:

This site is accessible to a variety of web users. Do not enter urls linking to pages containing offensive material or projects unrelated to the OFFLOAD themes. Please indicate clearly if your link contains work of a sensitive nature (e.g. adult content or code that could be considered a virus). Breaching these rules is a nasty thing to do and will not be accepted by the OFFLOAD team.