The city of Bristol is defined by the Avon river and the Harbour waterways. Taking this infrastructure and Bristol’s socioeconomic history as a working port and contemporary ‘digital’ and ‘green’ city status, OFFLOAD will take place in and around the re-purposed and disused tobacco factory warehouses in the heart of the Cumberland Basin.

avon cut, river walk _ offload 07

The main OFFLOAD site comprises of the CREATE, Bristol’s centre for the enviroment and A-Bond, a disused tobacco warehouse both of which are in the Cumberland Basin. The surrounding green, urban and left over spaces running between and round these buildings will also be utilised. Neighbouring this space is Spike Island, contemporary art studios and exhibition space.


The site also links to the Avon Cut, river walk and the Industrial Museum railway line, which is still in use. These travel ‘lines’ run all the way into Bristol’s cultural quarter and waterside, where the Watershed Media Centre, Architecture Centre and Arnolfini contemporary art gallery and theatre is based.

waterside bristol_offload 07

OFFLOAD events and activities will be happening across this area in particular at CREATE and in the surrounding outdoor spaces. Making the most out of the public spaces in this neighbourhood, events will also be happening along the travel lines towards the main city centre. Special events will also be happening at Spike Island and the Watershed Media Centre. As OFFLOAD develops confirmation of other spaces and areas will also be made available.