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This video installation emerged during a Mediterranean holiday on the cruise-liner The Royal Caribbean. The video is made through the lens of a simple handy cam and was shot very spontaneously- in a very touristy fashion just like a travelogue of a holiday maker. The use of highly saturated colors in one of the projections as opposed to the blue; and the black and white of the other two projections hints at the decadence of the act of holidaying and its place in routine life. This need for decadence as a political statement is also manifest in activities that relate to history – such as accounts of the Croatian war and also of the making of The Acropolis that are narrated by tourist guides.
The triple video projection runs in a triple time frame that is intended to suspend the time between the past and the present - that are constantly in flux with each other and often create a feeling of suspension while we escape our daily routines to touristy excursions.
The feeling of melancholia is attempted by the use of black and white in one of the projections- also referring to memory as ‘freeze-frame’ and can also be seen as a need to create a ‘value structure of memories’, by which we often tend to measure our best or most enjoyable moments in life. This is a comment upon tourism as a tool to manufacture a sellable history, culture or a ‘marketable melancholia’ that makes us forget the reality of present by manufacturing a past that caters to its ultimate consumer - the tourist.


Himanshu Desai for sound and video editing.

About the Creator

Bindu Mehra is an artist from India presently based in London. After completing her Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Painting and Printmaking, from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda, India. Bindu pursued her Master of Fine Art degree in Painting at the same university. Following a semester in the Post Baccalaureate Program at the Maryland Institute College of Art, she has completed her Master in Fine Art degree from the Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia. She is currently exhibiting her work in Poznan curated by Wonil Rhee titled Asia Europe Mediations. She will also be exhibiting her Video Installation titled ‘The Kitchen’, in the Flicks Art Exhibition sponsored by South Hill Park Arts Center, Bracknell, UK. Bindu is keenly interested in current social, political and economic issues and often uses satire and paradox as operatives in her content. Often her work problematises themes such as rigidity, orthodoxy, hegemony and tradition of all kind of political structures whether global, national, local or inter-personal and this is often done by juxtaposition of cultural motifs with contemporary imagery. Bindu was also an artist in residence in France, sponsored by the French Consulate in India and has additional degrees in Humanities and Design. She enjoys teaching and has taught at Maryland Institute College of Art as well as Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA.