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Keyword Intervention

This work displays the most popular online queries by “scraping”1 reports from popular search engines. It reports what culture (those with access to computers) desire to know, their hopes and interests, in real time. It is a measuring device as well as a visualizer, but the display is not without conceptual relevance. The computer program reconfigures the queries into a starburst or mandala-like visualization referencing the hypnotizing worship of popular content and the most popular is found in the center, where similar to the use of mandala, we are one with god.

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Owen Mundy

About the Creator

Owen Mundy is an artist who is currently pursuing an MFA at the University of California, San Diego. The grandson of Indiana farmers and once a photographer in the Navy, his work considers issues of class, middle America, and the relationship between art and all potential audiences. Using his BFA in Photography from Indiana University, he co-founded the nonprofit community arts organization Your Art Here, started, and continues to make community-based artworks.