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Come Outside, Polar Produce

First shown at the Enter_festival, Cambridge (2007), Come Outside will be extended for OFFLOAD.

Meeting at the Create centre, come for a bike ride with Polar Produce. Bicycles will be provided with custom-made dynamo battery chargers. The energy generated from your cycling will be harnessed to collectively generate enough power to boil a kettle and other devices.

Polar Produce will reward the fruits of your labour with a cup of tea as you settle you in for a short informal lecture on energy transfer.

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Polar Produce

About the Creator

Polar Produce are a media arts, research and live performance group based in Bristol, UK. Established in 1996 the current group has been working together since 2005 and includes Teresa Dillon, Philip O’Dwyer, Kathy Hinde and Maarten De Laat.

Together they create trans-media performative-installation based works using existing and emerging technologies. Their work is often location specific, interactive and participatory and plays with the sociocultural, historical, architectural forms of particular sites and spaces.

Other current projects include New Interfaces for Performance (NIP) a European network and touring event for artists working in gesture based interfaces.