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‘always something somewhere else’, Duncan Speakman

‘always something somewhere else’ is a generative GPS mediascape that creates a temporary map in a location as the user is asked to walk around and seek out certain base materials such as glass, stone, and water. Wearing headphones and walking around with a hand-held computer, once participants reach the materials they hear the beginning of a fictional narrative about another person discussing the same material. As the map is created participants can return to the points they marked to hear the stories fold in on themselves and conclude.

The piece touches on issues of climate change and global awareness, but ultimately encourages the user to treasure the moments around them. As the map is created it also builds a generative musical score which develops according to the movement of the listener, layers of instrumentation and tempo changes move on as the user progresses through both the narrative and their physical location.

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Written and created by Duncan Speakman with support from Alex Bradley, Sita Calvert-Ennals, Ryan Harlin, Kerry Deacon, Sarah Anderson

About the Creator

Duncan Speakman is a sound artist interested in memory, geography and communication. He creates socially relevant experiences that engage the audience emotionally and physically outside of gallery environments. To date Duncan's solo and collaborative work has included installations, soundwalks, video projections, performance and online activities.