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Litterpicker, Angela Piccini

Meet up for some guerilla archaeology: to walk, eyes to the ground, litter picking. Take a picture of each thing on a mobile phone, mark its location on a map and then use our collective skills to tell the story of global trade behind each object’s production and use. How did that crisp packet or fag end wind up here and what does it mean? We’ll bag the litter and make an interactive rubbish map of the world. You’ll then upload your photographs and add your tags to Google Map to produce alternative trade networks between Bristol and the rest of the world. This activity combines civic duty with the social lives of things to produce an intimate, physical relationship with the city and its role in trade networks, past and present. Finally, we’ll look at where this rubbish is destined to end up, whether in landfill or in a recycling centre on the other side of the world. How might we instead prolong these micro lives?


Angela Piccini

About the Creator

Angela Piccini works in the School of Arts at the University of Bristol. She always works inbetween the areas of archaeology and media, starting her research back in the 1990s with a fascination with other people's fascinations with the past. This eventually led to work that continues to play with documents and artefacts in order to create alternative archaeologies of place.