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Dr. Adrian Woolard, Speaker

Dr. Adrian Woolard will be speaking on a panel discussion for OFFLOAD. Details of all panel discussions will emerge and be online from the end of July 2007.

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Dr. Adrian Woolard

About the Creator

Dr Adrian Woolard is an Innovation Executive within the Research & Innovation Group, BBC Future Media & Technology.

The Innovation team is a small multi-disciplinary unit focused on exploring the changing relationships between content, audience and technology in an emerging multi-genre, multi platform & multi channel environment.

Adrian's current research focuses on areas related to new interfaces such as augmented reality, mobile, pervasive and embedded computing, the growth of participatory media and the potential value of play and application of game design to create new forms of education and entertainment. In particular, he co-ordinates and leads a range of research projects with the production area of Factual & Learning as well as BBC lead on Participate – a three year DTI collaborative R&D project.

His research background lies in the areas of animatronics, working with Jim Henson's Creature Shop, and virtual characters. Prior to joining the BBC, he led technical development for BT Exact at Millennium Dome, London. He has worked as an application specialist in motion capture for visual effects and games industries at Vicon and as a software developer at Argonaut Games.