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From spaces of your choice to spaces for your voice, Juha Huuskonen / Aleksi Neuvonen

The need for individual voice is shaping our western societies. Individual voice is a factor driving such megatrends as consumerism and urban sprawl.

Nevertheless, we seem to face constantly friction between our pursuit of self-expression and the public space. Much of our built environment has been planned for controlling movements and actions of masses, not for individuals self-actualisation. Therefore the spaces for our voice are created unplanned, mostly through action in the margins.

The seminar present projects and works that explore new ways for self-expression in public space, urban space and rural spaces. After the seminar there is a Finnish tent sauna available as a showcase of reclaiming urban space.


Juha Huuskonen Aleksi Neuvonen

About the Creator

Aleksi Neuvonen is a co-founder and the current chairman of the Finnish ecological NGO Dodo ( In Finland Dodo is known for being the leading organisation for urban environmentalism. Aleksi holds a MA degree in Philosophy, from the University of Helsinki. He is also the co-founder of Finland's first independent think tank Demos Helsinki where he currently works as researcher. His topics of interest include the reformation of the Finnish welfare society, democracy and climate change, the future of cities and urban lifestyles. Previously Aleksi has worked as researcher for Finland Futures Research Centre, VTT Group for Technology Studies and University of Helsinki, Department of Philosophy and as an independent journalist and writer.