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Snail Rail, Simon Harlow

Specially constructed for OFFLOAD, Snail Rail, is a self powered rail cart. Originally used to ferry objects short distances via rail, it became a favorite prop in early black and white movies, as a tool for escaping from evil perpetrators and for it’s comedy value. For OFFLOAD Simon Harlow will bring the self-powered rail cart back to life. Re-purposing everyday and new materials he will create a multifunctional mobile space, which will provide exercise, shelter and transport from one end of the OFFLOAD site to another.

Taking advantage of the old railway line that runs between the Industrial Museum and CREATE, Bristol’s environment centre, Snail Rail, will consist of a mounted viewing and seating ‘cabin’ on a modified self-powered rail cart. The cabin will protect the Snail Rail, transport team from the weather, while simultaneously providing comfortable seating and reflection space for passengers. Large apertures in the cabin will allow for easy viewing and communication. The cabin construction will showcase environmentally friendly materials and techniques.

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Simon Harlow

About the Creator

Simon Harlow is a multidisciplinary artist, who has gained a reputation for creating novel interior designs, sculptures and furniture. His work is becoming recognised for it's innovative use of materials, strong aesthetic impact and social conscience.

Since 1999, Simon has worked closely with some of Glasgow's leading design companies, including Timorous Beasties and Stand. Over 2007, Simon is preparing designs and budget for a 4000sq ft office space in Glasgow, co-designing an eco-house in Sendai, Japan and working on a clothing retail interior for Six Cities Design Festival in Glasgow. Alongside his design practice, Simon has been instrumental in setting up the artist run exhibition and studio space, Chateau, Glasgow. He also works as a technical co-ordinator and fabricator on various large scale public art projects.