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Status Project: Part C, Heath Bunting

The Status Project is an ongoing investigation by Heath Bunting and the Irational collective. Building on earlier works, which explored physical and cyber identity, immigration laws and individuals legal status within a country. The Status Project: Part C, makes visible the street and institutional systems, which we traverse by constructing and facilitating easy movement within and between them.

For OFFLOAD, the Status Project: Part C, will involve setting up ten anonymous letter boxes and postal addresses across Bristol. In the forthcoming months, building up to OFFLOAD, the sites for each letter box will be sourced, letterboxes will be constructed and installed and postal addresses established. The position of each letterbox will only be revealed during the OFFLOAD event, when audio documentation of the letterboxes positions will be played. At a special auction, participants attending OFFLOAD will potentially have the opportunity to purchase a letterbox (key, box and postal address) for their future use.

If you harbour escapist fantasies of mastering our environment and the matrix of your daily realities - then you will need a Status Project letterbox!

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Heath Bunting

About the Creator

Heath Bunting was born a Buddhist in Wood Green, London, UK and thankfully is able to make himself laugh. He is a co-founder of both and sport-art movements and is banned for life from entering the USA for his anti GM work. Heath's self taught and authentically independent work is direct and uncomplicated. His work has been recognized internationally, the most recent been a retrospective of Irational's work over the last ten years. Heath aspires to be a skillful member of the public and is producing an expert system for identity mutation.