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Public Smog and This is Public Domain, Amy Balkin

Public Smog and This is Public Domain are two ongoing projects by artist, Amy Balkin, US.

Public Smog examines the commodification of the atmosphere. The project has been realised as a public park in the atmosphere that fluctuates in location and scale. Public Smog first opened briefly to the public during 2004 above California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District, and is now open over the European Union through 2008. Built through financial, legal, or political activities, Public Smog is subject to prevailing winds and the long-range transport of aerosols and gases.

This is Public Domain aims at creating a permanent international commons, free to everyone, and held in perpetuity for that purpose. In 2003, a 2.5 acre parcel of land was purchased near Tehachapi, California, to serve as the site for the proposed public domain. Sharing of the commons will be initiated when a juridical solution for public handover is found.

For OFFLOAD, 2007 Amy will be presenting the outcomes and documentation of both projects.

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Amy Balkin

About the Creator

San Francisco-based artist Amy Balkin's practice combines cross-disciplinary research and social critique, focusing on how humans create, interact with, and impact the social and material landscapes they inhabit.

Amy's projects have been presented in Radical Software at the CCA Wattis Institute, San Francisco, and at Peer Trust, London, in collaboration with students on the Royal College of Art Curating Contemporary Art course. Publications include LAND, ART: A Cultural Ecology Handbook (2006), Metropolis Magazine (2006), and La Ville, Le Jardin, La Memoire (2000).