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Spike Island

Spike Island is a national centre for the production and exhibition of contemporary art.

Located in Bristol’s historic harbourside in the Cumberland Basin, Spike Island offers studios as well as project and exhibition space for the making and showing of ambitious new work. The organisation has established itself as a national centre for the research and development of contemporary visual arts. Spike Island emerged from an artist run initiative developed in the late 70’s, Bristol Art Space. Whilst it is no longer ‘artist run’ the values of support to artists and those developing their career within the contemporary visual arts remains a high priority. Those working within the building have a vital role to play within the development of policy, decision making and management.

Spike Island’s mission is to provide space, time and opportunity for the research, production and presentation of practices relating to the visual arts within a supportive and stimulating environment. These opportunities are offered within the context of an international programme of projects, events and exhibitions.

Polar Produce and the OFFLOAD team express their thanks and appreciation to Spike Island, whose contributions to OFFLOAD have enriched the project.

Supporting OFFLOAD will be: Lucy Byatt, Director, Marie-Anne McQuay, Programmer of Residencies & Associates and Rachel Connelly, Gallery Manager.