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Britain’s first dedicated media centre, Watershed, opened in 1982. It is housed in former industrial premises on Bristol’s waterfront and stands at the gateway to Harbourside – a major cultural, commercial and residential regeneration development in the heart of Bristol, UK. Watershed promotes creativity, collaboration, innovation and participation across the commercial and cultural sector. It is an important hub, and catalyst for the creative industries in Bristol.

The Watershed building houses three cinemas, a café/bar and a suite of event/conferencing spaces. New skills and content development are one of the key focuses of the organisation, much of which is developed by working in collaboration with artists, filmmakers, media companies, community groups and schools. This work is exhibited both on-site and on-line, with Watershed acting as a facilitator and a broker of new partnerships.

Watershed will be providing in-kind support towards OFFLOAD, which includes office and workshop space, technical and programming support.

Polar Produce and the OFFLOAD team express their thanks and appreciation to Watershed, who without their support OFFLOAD would not be possible.

Supporting OFFLOAD will be: Gill Haworth, Digital Development Coordinator, Clare Reddington, Producer and Mark Cosgrove, Head of Programme, Watershed.