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Participate explores convergence in pervasive, online and broadcast media to create new kinds of mass-participatory events in which a broad cross-section of the public contributes to, as well as accesses, contextual content – on the move, in public places, at school and at home.

The consortium (BBC, BT, Microsoft, Bath University, University of Nottingham, Blast Theory and Sciencescope) are working together to develop scalable solutions for managed events and campaigns which engage and motivate participants over sustained periods of time. The group aim to develop tools for the public to author, share and discuss content using their own devices, and for professionals and experts to collate and edit contributions for publication over broadcast and interactive channels.

Participate are working with a range of partners to develop pervasive experiences based on the theme of “the environment”.For OFFLOAD, Participate hosted one of the educational workshops at CREATE.

In a series of trials and events, coordinated by experts in education, broadcast and online services, the general public and a network of schools will be invited to capture and contribute information about their local environment. This can then be used to augment professionally created media, building a national picture of environmental situations across the UK.