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Improvisation, Will Plowman

OFFLOAD have invited Will to performing an improvised piece of music based on the sonic environment we all live in today. For this performance he will be using sounds recorded on his mobile phone, playing them back through his guitar and various effects pedals to reinterpret our sonic environment.


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Will Plowman

About the Creator

Will has been creating ambient/experimental/electronica for around six years. In which time he spent a month in India recording soundscapes and later composing with this material. This in turn triggered a love for the use of environmental sounds within musical composition, which now plays a key part within his own work.

Will also includes the manipulation of live instruments such as bass, guitar and piano with the use of different technologies to develop a unique sound.

In 2006 he released his debut album ‘My Wife and I’ through ‘White Label Music’ and in February 2007 he took part in ‘White Label Music’s sonic weekend. A gathering of 18 musicians that had never met who recorded a full length album in a weekend at a hotel in Swanage. This has also been released through ‘White Label Music’.

As well as his solo work Will collaborates with artists such as ‘Throwing Snow’ in there project ‘Will it Snow’ and with ‘Jash’ as ‘The Pillowmen’. Other ventures include the collaboration ‘E.S.N.’ who are planning a European tour this autumn and Will’s other band ‘Kabuki Mono’. Will is also involved with ‘a future without’ a new innovative Bristol/Bath based record label with an organic diverse sound.