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LYSN Ensemble, Hilary Jeffery (NL/UK)

A new collaboration combining live music inspired by mappings of the OFFLOAD
festival locations and online traffic on the OFFLOAD website. Making visible and audible the systems and networks at play within the real and virtual, the physical and the ephemeral.

OFFLOAD has commissioned Hilary Jeffery to compose new graphic scores
for LYSN, providing local musicians to play the scores.

Hilary Jeffery – Trombone and Tromboscillator
Tom Bugs – Bugbrand devices
Liz Purnell – Alto Trombone
Paul Bradley – Electric Guitar
Will Plowman – Bass Guitar
Sarah Moody – Cello
Chipper – Cello
Andy Keep – Electronics
Alan Burgess – Sound Engineer

Hilary’s scores are conceived as maps for the performer to explore based on the idea that music notation relates to actual sounding music in a similar way as maps do to the geographical areas they represent. In this new work the maps will be constructed based on information-maps from activities in the OFFLOAD sites including records of the flow of people, traffic, water, and electricity between and through these physical spaces.

To accompany the music, designers Philip O’Dwyer and Ed Holroydhave created generative visuals that respond to the behaviour of users of the OFFLOAD website during the course of the festival.

TIME: 20.00

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For this event LYSN will be: Hilary Jeffery - trombone / tromboscillator Paul Bradley - guitar Tom Bugs - modular synth Will Plowman - bass Chipper - cello

About the Creator

LYSN is a new group formed by trombonist and composer Hilary Jeffery. This ensemble has a continuously changing line-up and plays powerful and atmospheric drone music made with compositions, improvisations, electronics, graphics, new and established instruments. Hilary has played and recorded with Kreepa, Sand, Jimi Tenor, Paul Dunmall, Germ and The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, amongst others. LYSN has been developing over the past three years into an exciting and dynamic ensemble which has played in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Bristol and Dartington.