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New Media Development for Rural Areas, Ufficio Bifolco/Interferenze Workgroup (IT)

The Ufficio Bifolco Workgroup are a collective of curators and producers working in developing new media strategies in rural Italy. This workshop will discuss the rule of new media projects and strategies for developing rural contexts through presenting some case histories and concrete media art examples, from their work in this area – Interferenze, Province Digitali and Mediaterrae vol.1.

TIME: 15.00-16.30

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Ufficio Bifolco/Interferenze Workgroup.

About the Creator

The Ufficio Bifolco Workgroup include Leandro Pisano, Alessandro Esposito and Saverio Romeo.

Leandro Pisano is a curator, whose main interest lies in the aesthetic side of new media and technologies. Leandro is the initiator and director of Interferenze new arts festival and frequently participates in national and international media art events. He is also the general director of Ufficio Bifolco, a company working on integrated communication and marketing strategies for rural territories in Italy.

Alessandro Esposito is a project manager and designer. He works alongside Leandro Pisano as the creative director of Interferenze and on projects such as Digital Provinces, Mediaterrae Vol. 1 and on Ufficio Bifolco, youth tourism strategies.

Saverio Romeo is a researcher at Birkbeck, University of London. His main areas of research are: innovation systems in information and communication technologies, entrepreneurship in ICT sector and use of digital technologies in rural and peripheral environments. Saverio is undertaking research in the field of intelligent spaces in rural environments.